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Friday, March 31, 2017

Do You Dare Take God's Pregnancy Test?

Did you know that you may be carrying within you God’s plan to permanently alter your reality for His kingdom?

Did you know that you may be pregnant?

Here’s how to tell. Has God given you a promise regarding a circumstance in your life where you are desperately needing Him to show off His glory? Did you take Him at His word? Has that promise not yet materialized? Are you still holding onto it?

Then you ARE pregnant!

Anyone with any knowledge of biology knows that in order to produce a zygote, two elements are needed: an egg plus a sperm. The same is true in spirit. In order to produce a spark of new life on the inside of us, two elements are also needed: faith plus a Word from God. These two must come together for conception to happen in our spiritual womb.

If His Word found fertile faith in you, than CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are expecting! Brand new life is on its way to your home! I am smiling as I type those words. I know He is too.

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(For more introduction to the concept of spiritual pregnancies and how men also carry them, you can read here and here).

Before anything else, I believe that the first thing He wants to do is to commend you. He wants you to see what an incredible thing it is that you have a spiritual womb environment that is and has been eagerly ready to receive the implantation of His divine seed. This verse describes exactly what you did:

“Humbly accept the word planted in you…” (James 1:21b, NIV).

That you even have an inner atmosphere of faith cultivated in your spirit, with the capacity to host what He would deposit in you, is amazing.

In the natural, how many, many, many times does a man’s seed simply die before it ever has a chance to create life? An average male produces 525 billion sperm cells over his lifetime, and only a very few of them, if any, actually become a baby. It is only when the woman’s egg has come through a full maturation process that successful fertilization can even happen. And even then, an estimated 50% of fertilized eggs are lost before they become a successful pregnancy (UCSF Medical Center).

How does this translate into spiritual terms? What happens when the divine sperm of God's Word finds no fertile faith to inseminate? Conception cannot happen. Hebrews 4 tells us that this is exactly what transpired with the Israelites who died in the wilderness and were never able to appropriate and enjoy their Promise (Canaan). “The word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it.” (Heb. 4:2b, NKJV, bold emphasis mine). Word did not encounter faith. The divine sperm found no mature, receptive egg. A generation died in the desert instead of receiving what God longed to give them.

God is ALWAYS speaking. But Jesus asked out loud, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8, NIV). Way too frequently, the divine sperm finds no home. This is parallel to the biological reality that it takes the production of about a billion sperm per one zygote conceived. Can you see how marvelous it is, if you are one who actually received and retained the deposited seed of His word? Just like He said to Mary, “You have found favor with God!” (Luke 1:30, NIV).

The USCF website explains, “The receptivity of the uterus… [is] important for the implantation process.” Again, you need to hear this. Holy Spirit is rejoicing over you. He wants you to join in the celebration. You are a fertile environment for the reception and gestation of His Word. Yes, you! You who have not given up on His word breathed into your inner being -- this is you! Fertilized Promise has planted itself in your womb, and has begun to grow inside of you.

The proper response is to be amazed. Be in awe of the privilege that is yours. At the same time, let your spirit rise in awareness of the responsibility that you now bear in stewarding this pregnancy.

I remember the euphoric wonder that crashed over me in waves, and poured through my eyes in overwhelmed tears, when I found out that I was carrying my first baby. In one life-changing instant, I knew to the very core of my being that I would do ANYTHING to protect and nourish this child. I would give my last life’s breath if need be. In the same way, when God has implanted Promise on the inside of us, this lioness instinct must rise up within to guard, defend, and nurture the new life commended to our care.

Let’s get you in to see OBGYN Jesus right away. He will lovingly instruct you on how to go about this protecting and nurturing. He will gently remind you that the first trimester is the most vulnerable part of the pregnancy. Baby is taking shape, and is in critical need of the ideal environment for this process. Around eighty percent of miscarriages happen in this window, a fact which speaks to how vulnerable of a time it is for the little one ( During this crucial period, we must be on guard against our enemy, watchful and alert. He will always try to extinguish life at its very inception, before it has a chance to develop and become strong (see Rev. 12:4 and Matt. 13:4,19). We will never allow a spirit of fear to govern us; however, being acutely aware of his nature and strategy is imperative for effective vigilance.

The devil will try to steal from you what God has entrusted to you. The very thought of what will come to pass when you have born this life full term has seized him with terror. He knows what is growing in your womb, and he knows it can only mean one thing: unspeakably devastating destruction to his kingdom. He will fight you with every resource at his disposal.

Here’s some transformational perspective though: he has already lost. Your Maker, Your Husband has given His entire being to the covenant He has with you. He has pledged fierce commitment to shield and defend both you and the life developing inside you. You are in His powerfully capable hands, and He will zealously carry you all the way. Be comforted and assured by these words: “God protects the one he has fathered, and the evil one cannot touch him” (1 John 5:18, The NET Bible®).

With this mighty encouragement in your heart, it is time to get Mama (or Papa) Bear passionate about giving nourishment and attention to the Word He has given you to carry. It is time to partner with Him in pouring the very best of care into the Promise budding within you. Let feasting on Scriptures, staying hydrated with His living waters, and resting in His green pastures, consume your mind and heart. Invest generous amounts of time into what has now become your most vital assignment. No matter what it costs you, you feed and guard this tiny one. Give the entirety of your inner space to nursing God’s baby until He brings you to the moment of birthing! Don’t give up, dear one. You will see Promise born!

My Creator, my Husband, with all my heart, I thank You that I have found favor with You! I am in awe of the privilege You have given me, to bear Your life within. I am also deeply relieved to know that You are carrying me throughout this process. I rejoice that, just as You are the Author of my faith, You are also its Finisher. Just as You planted this Promise in me, You will provide the strength, protection, inspiration, support, and sustenance needed for Your word to come through the full gestation cycle within my spirit. Teach me to partner with You in stewarding and caring for what You have deposited inside of me. I am Your willing vessel! Let it be to me as You have said! 

What are your thoughts on carrying God’s purposes within you to full term? Struggles? Suggestions? I would love to hear from you!


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    1. You are most welcome! Thank you for reading! 💕

  2. I am tracking with you in this, Jennifer. God has been birthing something new and fresh in my spirit. I remember the delightful moments when my own children would move within me. I would marvel at the miracle of their life, treasuring each little movement.
    I feel like that now. I have trouble winding down at night because I am caught up in the sheer joy of the journey God has me on. God's Word meeting faith causing a stirring within. His forgiveness and transformation. I pray He continues the work He has begun in me.

    1. That is so extremely exciting, Lindsey! I rejoice with you over the new life stirring within your spirit! Amen to Him continuing what He has done until completion!