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Friday, July 29, 2016

Victory Outside the Box: A Duct Tape Sword and an Oil Drenched Warrior

While I was in the midst of writing up my recent posts about prophetic acts, a living example of these principles was unfolding right under my nose. I want to introduce to you my friend Christina, who is about to let you in on the story. Christina is a missionary who moved here to Iquitos a year ago to work with our ministry. She has quickly become an integral part of what God is doing in our midst.

When she related the following incident to me, suddenly it clicked. I knew that the Holy Spirit was illustrating His own sermon. He led Christina into a series of fascinating prophetic acts right as I was writing on the subject. I asked her to share them with you. She cheerfully did so; what follows is that account in her own words.

“The past two posts from Jennifer have been highlighting prophetic acts in the natural and their connection to the spiritual realm. This past week I had an incredible experience with exactly what she has been writing about, and I would like to tell you about it here.

First, I would like to say that this world is entirely new to me. I did not grow up in the prophetic, and I have been on quite the learning curve since I moved here to Peru. If anyone had told me three years ago that I would be doing some of the things the Lord has had me do lately, I would have thought the one telling me was absolutely crazy. But here I am, and this is the latest in His intense training of me.

About a week ago I felt called very strongly to an afternoon of intercessory prayer. During that time, I saw a vivid picture of a sword that the Lord was giving me. The sword had a double edged blade. It was made perfectly for my hands… With the point touching the ground, it came almost to my waist in height. Scripture references were written on the blade that were promises of God that He wanted me to remember and use to fight. The blade was silver and the grip was gold, with a ruby pommel, and the cross guard had TRUTH written on it. The blade was also burning with a brilliantly bright fire. The Lord told me He wanted me to fight.

A few days later, the sword was so very much on my mind. I was sitting in my bed looking around the room, and my eyes fell on a tent stored there. My mind immediately went to the tent poles in it. Before I even really realized what I was doing, I had gone and taken one of the tent poles out and folded it to where I felt was right. I held it up to my side, and it was exactly the same length as the sword in my vision. I knew He wanted me to make a physical representation of that sword. The Lord had me cover it with duct tape and mark off the handle with a sharpie. He then instructed me to write on the blade I had fashioned, Scriptures that had been on the blade in the vision. One of them that He led me to me write out was: 'Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand, to execute vengeance…' (Ps 149:6-7a)

Then the Lord told me, 'It is time for you to fight for what I have promised you. As you take up the sword I just had you make in the physical, you are picking up the sword I gave you in the spiritual realm. It is the sword of Truth, covered in My Word and the Fire of My Spirit. Anoint it with oil, and consecrate it for Me and My service.'

I had long felt that He wanted me to pray over the upstairs area of the house where I stay. The second floor is currently under construction, and no one lives up there. It has so many spider webs, it is difficult to walk through without running into them. The Lord summoned me up there. I took my sword, some praise music (Kari Jobe’s 'Majestic'), my Bible, and a bottle of oil.

His next words were, 'I want you to begin with the oil. It represents my Spirit that I am pouring out on you to do this task. Pour it out on your head.' I poured out a little on top of me. As I felt it dripping down my scalp, I could feel His presence falling on me. Seven times He had me pour the oil on my head until half of the bottle was gone, and the oil was dripping down my head and down my neck and back.

He continued, 'Now, take up your sword and work your way through this floor. I want you to pray over this house. As you enter each room, I want you to cut away at the webs in the physical realm. While you are cutting the webs in the physical, you are also cutting away at the webs the enemy has tried to spin in an attempt to block you and others from their destinies. I will give you what to pray as you cut through each one. Now… sing and worship as you fight!'

I began to sing, and in each room He had me cut away at the things the enemy had tried to use to block the Lord’s moves in my life and in others’. At one point I found myself with my sword positioned in front of me and declaring, 'I am the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and heir with Him in the heavenly realms. The Lord my God will reign in this place. With this sword lit with Holy Fire, I cut down the cords you, my enemy, have attempted to tie the people of God down with!'

When I finished all of this, I collapsed on the floor utterly drained from what He had poured through me, overcome with His powerful presence. I can say with absolute certainty that I felt something break in the spiritual realm while carrying all of it out. A little while later I was sitting down in the patio area downstairs and looked up to take in one of the clearest and most complete rainbows I have ever seen in person. I believe it was a sign of His promise of the victory.

The Lord may lead us to do things that do not make earthly sense, but the Bible shows us that He never has made ‘logical’ requests of those He has great things for. I believe that so very often skepticism and doubt greatly hinder what He wants to pour out on and through us. We think we can’t be important enough, or that He just doesn’t do those kind of things anymore. But He DOES! It takes simply laying ourselves down as living sacrifices to be used mightily by the Lord… He is so kind and loving… He beckons us to yield ourselves to His Will and Way – especially when it doesn’t make sense to our natural minds. The more I lay myself down, the more I long to lay myself down again and again to see what else He will unfold in and through me. Such a magnificent adventure!!!”


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It's encouraging (as in, "increasing courage" not just making me feel good and happy) to see/hear/know the extraordinary ways God is moving in His people.

    1. I'm so glad that it encouraged you Jocelyn! May He continue to build you up as you press forward in Him as well!